The AFL, as one of the nation’s most significant sporting events, is enjoyed in countless ways. For the avid bettor, the sport is a playground. The premiership season alone has 23 rounds of thrilling betting opportunities. The final series which follows sees the top eight teams compete for the premiership. More than a century of seasons allows for a plethora of sporting statistics to be monitored, analysed, and utilised for betting chances.

All the way from March to the end of September, a vast array of betting options are available. From bets on specific clubs, players, standing results and rivalries to special awards and trophies given, the AFL has all types of bets.

Awards and Trophies

The game has many awards to players and clubs including the Brownlow Medal (awarded to the fairest player from the entire league and voted on by all the umpires), the Coleman Medal (awarded to highest-scoring playing throughout the premiership season), the Norm Smith Medal (given by a specific committee to the best player of the season), the Jock McHale Medal (awarded to the coach of the premiers for that season), the Goal and Mark of the year awards (given to those players who showed the most impressive goal and mark of the season respectively), and Rising-Star Award (for the best player under 21 years old).

A keen follower can easily make educated guesses of the outcomes of these awards based on the season’s gameplay results, and as such be successful in their betting endeavours.

Themed Matches

Special and themed matches are particularly popular in terms of betting, whether it be due to tradition, or simply something different from the regular season. Among the popular matches are the Dreamtime at the G and the ANZAC Day Clash matches. The most profitable betting opportunity of the whole season is always the futures markets, where you can bet at the beginning of the season on the final outcome.