The AFL Grand Final is an annually held and an overwhelmingly popular Australian rules football match. Dating back to 1898, this prestigious game determines the AFL Premiers for each year. The sport, and the game itself, has become so entrenched in the culture of Australian citizens, that dozens of activities and traditions have grown around it, and many thrilling finals have been played over the years. It’s widely regarded as the most significant sporting event in Australia.

The Sport

The sport came about in the late 19th century, as the game that had simply been a source of amusement began to be organised in schools. Over time, clubs began to form, and rules and traditions honed into the thrilling sport. As a fast-paced contact sport, AFL is known for the fast movement of both the ball and the players, quick-scoring, athletic marking, and sometimes brutal physical contact.

Australian football, Australian rules football, or as it’s colloquially known, Aussie rules, is a sport played on a large oval-shaped field with two eighteen-player teams. To score points, the oval-shaped football must be kicked between two centre goalposts to score six points or between a centre post and a shorter behind post to score one point.

The sport is intertwined with national history and Australian culture, with over a century of spectacular finals with nation-wide audiences and phenomenal gameplay. While the league governing Australian football, and the sport itself, has been through many changes, including two golden eras and two declines, a final has never been cancelled or postponed.