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Chief Instructor - UFC Referee
Steve Perceval
The Ultimate in Martial Arts for the whole Family
Anita Picton (Parent & Student)
What can we say, an amazing instructor that has shown great pride and determination in teaching his student. He except nothing less but the best from his student. Our family has enjoyed training under Steve Perceval (and I dont think three lines is enough). Steve is also understanding, he will ensure whatever your capable of doing to utilized that and he utilized what you are capable of, and enhances that technique to become an effective tool.

Dawn Thornton (Parent)
We have been part of the UFA family for almost 4 years. My children have learned valuable skills from a teacher and mentor who knows how to coach and encourage; who helps them to grow their skills and perfect their techniques. It's also great that Steve is not afraid to dish out the tough love when it is required.

Dayanthi Lisa Bonarius (Parent)
My kids are now 22, 18, 18, 17 and 17 they have been Ultimate Fighting Kids since they were 8, 5, 5, 5 and 5. Steve doesn't just teach martial arts, he teaches self disipline, self control and self worth. Steve's martial arts are a way to live your life. After 14 years of my kids being members of Steve's gym I have 3 black belts and kids who still go to class. My eldest and my youngest twins are not sporty kids, this didn't matter they have still learned so much and use it a lot. Dayanthi Bonarius

GavTam Carrick (Parent)
We looked for months to find the right trainer for our son. Now that we have found the best teacher and venue. Heath has grown into a confident little men with all your guidance. 

Muriel Stanley (Parent)
I would like to say a huge thanks for a great job you have done,my husband and two girls have trained at UFA for a long long time and they have great admiration for Steve,you have given them the tools to look after themselves and to become more confident too.A huge thanks from both Pat & Muriel Stanley​​

Below are some testimonials from satisfied parents and students. 

Belinda Jones (Parent)
My kids have been training nearly 8 years at Ultimate fighting arts and they absolutely love training there and I wouldn't want them any where else ...

Simone Kramer (Parent)
Ashlea said that you are a great trainer and you train her very hard. Bianca said that you are awesome and you teach her alot of things : )

Harmony Jones (Student)
I love training at ultimate fighting arts. Sir is such a great inspiration to all that train with him and I have a lot of respect for him and the way he trains me....Thank you very much Sir

Tess Hillier (Parent)
 My son Jorge has been training at UFA for 5 yrs, we have found that training under such a dedicated and professional instructor he has learn to be extremely disciplined, confident and achieves his goals! Thank you so much Steve!

Tracey Chau (Parent & Wife)
My husband and children are UFA members since 2002. Thanking chief instructor, Steven Perceval, whose broad vision inspired us all. He is an awesome mentor and has fully earned his students' respect. 
UFA is the ultimate place to train and improve your martial arts' journey, it helps you to become a better person.

Eamon Sharp (Student)
I love training here at UFA its the best,sir you are the best instructor you have taught me well,you taught me how to protect myself from bully's and much more,your my inspiration sir,me and my family have respect for you because the way have trained us..thank you sir.