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As MMA was taking off in NSW and Luke Pezutti (a good friend of Steve’s) was setting up a new MMA promotion called the CFC (Cage Fighting Championship) gave Steve an opportunity to gain more experience refereeing in a cage. Steve quickly advanced to become the head referee for the CFC and enjoyed refereeing many now famous Australian MMA fighters. 

Steve wanted to improve his knowledge and skills as an MMA referee and as there were no expert MMA referees in Australia he decided to get in contact with the best MMA referee in the business, Big John McCarthy.
Big John McCarthy is the renowned veteran referee of the UFC (Ultimate Fighting Championship) with his world famous trademark catch phrase “Lets Get It On”. John has been associated with the UFC and MMA in one form or another from its conception.
In December 2007 Steve traveled to California, USA to attend Big John McCarthy’s first ever MMA referee and judging course.
Steve was one of only 5 out of 20 who passed the 2007 course and became the first accredited MMA referee in Australia, in fact he was actually the first internationally accredited MMA referee in Australia. To this day no other Australian has achieved an international MMA referee accreditation other than Steve.  

On returning to Australia where there was no legislation or Governing body at that time Steve decided that he would set up an MMA officials organization, the MMAOA (MMA Officials Australia). He would be able to train MMA referee’s, judges and fight room officials. Steve wanted to supply promoters with competent officials and create a set of regulations and guidelines for promoters, fighters, trainers and corner people to follow, this was the only way to bring legitimacy to the sport of MMA.

Steve has been interviewed about his MMA refereeing experience by Inside MMA magazine, MMA Sports Magazine and Blitz Martial Arts Magazine. He has also spoken on 2GB talk back radio where he was asked his opinion on the safety of MMA. Steve has also featured in technique workshop articles for Inside MMA and Blitz Martial Arts Magazines. 
Steve Perceval is the founder and head instructor of the UFA (Ultimate Fighting Arts) where he has been teaching HapKiDo and Brazilian Jiu Jitsu to Adults and Children of all ages for approximately 16 years. 

Steve's hard work and commitment to Martial Arts have taken his many achievements to a world recognized standard. Steve has never been content to rest on his achievements, he continually pushes the boundaries by taking on a variety of challenges as you will find out...  

Steve first started training in HapKiDo back in 1978 under Master Matthew (Sung Su) Kim and his brother Peter (Sung Do) Kim. After grading to yellow belt Steve left HapKiDo to pursue a relationship. It was approximately 8 years later that Steve returned to training in HapKiDo under Matthew (Sung Su) Kim and the Australian HapKiDo Association. In 1991 Steve started teaching HapKiDo in his first full time training center, Campbelltown martial arts and fitness center and it was later that year when he graded to 1st degree Black Belt. 

Steve opened his full time martial arts center the Ultimate Fighting Arts then known as the Nepean HapKiDo Academy in May 1995. In February 2005 the UFA moved to its current location, 55 York Rd Penrith where the students enjoy a 500 square meter training center, with two fully matted training floors, large reception area and pro shop.

In 1995 Steve had been trying different martial art systems when he participated in a seminar with world renown BJJ (Brazilian Jiu Jitsu) Black Belt Carlos Gracie Junior. It was this seminar where Steve gained a new passion, Brazilian Jiu Jitsu. 
Today Steve holds the rank of 4th Degree Black Belt in HapKiDo and Black Belt in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu under the Will/Machado organization. Steve enjoyed competing in many NSW state and National titles for BJJ all the way to the rank of Brown Belt.  

Steve began refereeing in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu tournaments where he worked many competitions including the Machado State and National titles and the NSW Brazilian Jiu Jitsu circuit. 

Steve’s first opportunity to referee MMA came in May 2007 where he refereed 6 MMA bouts including the main event between Hector Lombard the current Bellator middle weight champion and Fabio Galeb. Steve enjoyed the experience and decided that he wanted to pursue refereeing MMA on a more regular basis.
In 1992 Steve attended his second BJJ seminar, this time with world renown BJJ Black Belt Jean Jacques Machado. Jean Jacques was assisted by Australian Martial Arts legend and movie star Richard Norton and the head of the Australian Machado organization John B Will. 
This was the seminar where Steve realized that he wanted to do more than seminars, he wanted to start training and grade in BJJ under John B Will.   
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Chief Instructor - UFC Referee
Steve Perceval
The Ultimate in Martial Arts for the whole Family
About Ultimate Fighting Arts and Steve Perceval.

It is our pleasure to offer you one of the largest and most professionally run martial arts center’s in Australia today, in fact some have described our center as being “WORLD CLASS”. Please peruse our web site and read the relevant information needed to begin training in HapKiDo or Brazilian Jiu Jitsu.

Ultimate Fighting Arts is not just about fighting, we are proud to offer a center where anyone (young or old, male or female) can come and train. Some of the benefits associated with martial arts training at Ultimate Fighting Arts are:

The Social Aspect, to meet and make new friends with a common interest, some students have made lifelong friends and some have even met their perfect match. We organise many social events for students, this builds strong friendships and ties creating a friendlier atmosphere in the center.

A higher level of Health & Fitness is gained when a regular training regime is adopted. Martial art students are usually fitter than the average person helping them with their overall health and well being allowing participation in many other activities that life has to offer.

Self Defence & Self Confidence will also be gained by regular practice. In this modern day and age with the ever increasing rate of crime good self defence, confidence and communication skills have become essential in dealing with confronting situations. Just knowing techniques is not enough, students need to learn how to deal with the situation by communicating and trying to diffuse a confrontational situation and if they need to take action, having the confidence to use the techniques they have been taught to deal with the situation at hand. 

Goal Setting, we encourage students to set short and long term goals, this is an essential if you want to achieve high standards both in the training center and outside world. All these qualities and more can be gained in our center with regular training. The UFA want everyone to have a positive experience so we want individuals to start their training at a rate that suits their fitness level building up as time goes on, learning good fundamentals with a solid foundation.

So take the first step and give the Ultimate Fighting Arts a go, you will not take long to fall into a routine and you will quickly notice the differences in all area's mentioned above.
Please accept our introductory offer of 3 FREE lessons, this will give you the time needed to decide which style of martial arts training best suits you, we know you will not regret it.

If unsure on which style suits you click on these links HAPKIDO or BRAZILIAN JIU JITSU for information on each of these style or you CONTACT US and we will answer any of your questions.
In 2010 Steve was asked by ESPN & Star Sports to travel to Singapore every month from May to October to train, oversee and organize all the officials, as well as become the head referee for their new MMA event Martial Combat. 
The event was a success and ESPN & Start Sports have indicated that they would like Steve to return in 2011 with the possibility of expanding the Martial Combat show to other Asian cities where Steve would be instrumental in training officials and refereeing the events. 

The pinnacle of Steve’s MMA refereeing career came in February 2010, when UFC 110 was held in Sydney Australia. Steve was a referee on that event becoming the first ever Australian to work as a UFC Referee.  

Steve has since refereed UFC 127 in Sydney 2011, UFC on FX in Sydney 2012, the Ultimate Fighter Smashes series between Australia and the UK in Sydney 2012 and the first ever UFC in Macau, China in 2012.