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If you already know which style you are interested in, you will find out more information in the links below.
Adults training in HapKiDo learn one of the most progressive systems of martial arts in the world today. Our Adults HapKiDo syllabus is a progressive syllabus, this means that once a student grades to a higher belt level, they can expect to learn a more advanced version of a technique already learnt on the previous belt. This system is a way to advance students...
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Adult students of BJJ (Brazilian Jiu Jitsu) can expect to learn a new progressive syllabus with a variety of techniques. In our new adults syllabus students will experience the best of both worlds, they will learn and  train in both Gi and No gi techniques. This allows a student to develop a full range of skills to deal with any situation.
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It takes time and patience for children to achieve any level in HapKiDo, it’s not easy and takes many years of hard training, dedication and commitment. Those who stay committed are rewarded by accomplishing techniques that were previously unobtainable.
Children are encouraged to excel in all areas of life, including school and other sporting arenas by bringing in certificates, medals and trophies to show their achievements to all the others kids in the class...
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Good BJJ skills can only be gained over a period of time with lots of practice and repetition, it is important for children and parents to commit the time needed to gain these skills.
Pride and confidence will also be gained from regular training and your child will learn valuable ground skills which may assist in a self defence situation one day...
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